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Our vision

“Because patient outcomes is our primary motivation, relying on disruptive science and innovative therapeutic development, Findimmune is committed to identify and develop new drugs which will benefit quickly a patient population suffering from cancer and immune system diseases.”

Fighting human diseases is a challenge that all of us face every day, before the appearance of clinical symptoms. Our immune system is the first barrier against disease development.

Findimmune is founded on the belief that therapeutic modulation of our immune system is the most promising strategy to empower patients to fight cancer and immune-related diseases.


Our pioneering research in molecular radiotherapy and chemotherapy has demonstrated the ability of our drugs to modulate immune cells. In addition, our knowledge in drug design and drug delivery allows us to specifically target immune cells, and thereby minimize the potential toxicity of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Findimmune aims to improve anticancer therapy by blocking tumor and immune cell resistance and increasing cancer cell immunogenicity. Modulation of adaptive immune checkpoints has already opened a new era for treating cancer.


Findimmune assumes that the next progress in cancer therapy will come from the targeted modulation of our innate immune system. Thus, Findimmune will also focus on the modulation, or reprogramming, of the function of tumor-associated macrophages.

The value of our research and anti-cancer therapeutic expertise will be a benefit for research on immune-related diseases, in particular rheumatology, neurology and infectiology where inflammation driven by macrophages is known to be involved and is accessible to customized modulation.

To know more about our activities do not hesitate to contact us or  send us an e-mail at

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