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“With the fast development of disruptive science-driven therapies, Findimmune is committed to rapidly propose first-in-class drug for in situ cancer vaccination to patients, alone or in combination with radiotherapy”

Findimmune researchers have characterized cellular cannibalism-associated signalling pathways that stimulate antitumor immune responses:

  • Cellular cannibalism is a non-cell-autonomous death modality

  • Cellular cannibalism leads to death of engulfed cancer cells

  • Immuno-modulatory signals are released during cellular cannibalism

  • Radiation therapy enhances anti-tumor immune responses associated with cellular cannibalism


Characterization of this new cell death modality has led to the development of a novel screening method for cancer immunotherapy drug discovery:

  • An innovative multispectral imaging flow cytometry-based methodology has allowed to detect enhancers of cancer cell cannibalism:

    • 16 molecules from drug libraries have been identified and patented based on their ability to enhance cell cannibalism.

  • In-vitro and In-vivo assays allowed us to identify F1901 as a lead candidate for In situ cancer vaccination:

    • F1901 kills cancer cells through cannibalism, suppresses tumor growth, induces antitumor vaccination and enhances the efficacy of immunotherapy.

    • Mechanisms of action involve activation of the cGAS-STING signalling pathway.

    • The drug is administered in situ as preparation for intra-tumoral injection performed by interventional radiologists under CT-scan or US  control.

  • F1901 is indicated for advanced stages of solid tumors:

    • Priority indications are for metastatic melanoma, NSCLC, colon, breast, prostate and pancreas.


A clinical trial in advanced melanomas refractory to immune therapy is being organized.

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