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"There is still a critical medical need for less toxic chemotherapy agents
and novel immunomodulatory agents"

  • Ifosfamide is a DNA alkylating agents with cytotoxic and immunosuppressive activity

  • It is a prodrugs with 80% non-active and even toxic metabolites such as neurotoxic and nephrotoxic chloroacetaldehyde in up to 20% of patients, and thus has a dose-limiting toxicity

  • It is approved for the treatment of numerous cancers and especially used in High Dose protocols in sarcomas

Findimmune researchers have designed novel patented formulations allowing tumour cell specific targeting.

The company is developing F1902, an oaxazaphosphorine derivative that avoids the toxic metabolic pathway:

  • > 90% of F1902 is released in active form, without chloroacetaldehyde (nephrotoxic and neurotoxic metabolite)

  • F1902 has proven in-vivo anti-tumoral activity through cytotoxicity or immunomodulation depending on the dose

  • F1902 demonstrates a synergic anti-tumoral effect with anti-PD1 monoclonal antibodies against various cancer cell models

  • The innovative design of the molecule allows self-nano-assembly for:

    • Better tumoral biodistribution

    • Increased stability

    • Improved therapeutic index

    • Higher specificity when assembling with tumor-specific ligands (tripeptides and aptamers)

  • F1902 will be investigated in patients with sarcoma, especially in children suffering from rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare devastating soft tissue sarcoma.

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