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Welcome to Findimmune

Findimmune is a Gustave Roussy's spin-off company developing anticancer and immune therapies, based in France.

Findimmune develops lead candidates for the treatment of cancer, based on immune stimulation for anticancer vaccination and on the conversion of unresponsive “cold” tumors into sensitive “hot” tumors as part of anti-cancer treatments.

Findimmune also works on the delivery of innovative drugs in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Findimmune benefits from a drug discovery research platform (UMR-S 1030 INSERM) in partnership with the Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, France, where FindImmune is headquarted. It focuses on the identification of novel therapies dedicated to the manipulation of macrophage immune checkpoints that were recently discovered and patented for both anticancer and inflammatory diseases.


Our vision

Because patient outcomes is our primary motivation, relying on disruptive science and innovative therapeutic development, Findimmune is committed to identify and develop new drugs which will benefit quickly a patient population suffering from cancer.


Meet the team

Because pharmaceutical development is a complex environment with strict rules that aim to protect patients from potential hazards of drugs, our team combines complementary expertises.

Male Scientist

Pipeline & Research

We believe our development pipeline and clinical programs to create innovative medicines for a wide range of diseases and conditions will play a major role in a very next future.

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